Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Hodgepodge of Information

June 19

-‘This American Life’ keeps me company at night…as do sleeping pills.
-Les Miserables keeps me grounded.
-I go to bed around 9 and get up a little after 7…all without an alarm.
-I eat breakfast every morning.
-The ministry here is not especially focused—in a good way. A variety of issues have been identified and they are all being poured into.
-I love my housemates: Stephanie (from Germany) with here 2 adopted children: Allibeena & Julias, Stephanie & Lisa (from Grand Rapids, Michigan), & Sarah (also from Michigan).
-The Sliedrechts are splendid. Tim (Canada) & Angie (Michigan…pattern much?) have adopted 3 children: Aveleen (Detroit), Moses (here), and most recently…Zulea. More to come on the adoption/foster process here.
-It never really gets below 80 degrees here—but I am getting used to it.
-Pedestrians NEVER have the right of way.
-Ugandans don’t really have roads.
-We have electricity here for the first time since I arrived.
-I have gotten quite good at lighting matches…to light our stove/oven.
-Riding bike here is terrifying...especially because you have to wear a skirt all the time.
-Ugandans can carry everything/anything on their mini motorcycles/bikes.
-People here are so fun and laugh at many things.
-When we walk places children begin to follow us and say, “how are you mzungu” (in a rhyming way)…and then run away and laugh if we try to talk to them.
-There is much poverty here…kind of. Because people have lived like this for their whole life it is all they know; it’s complicated.
-It gets dark around 7 pm every night (connect this with going to bed early + no power)
-They have coffee here. I drink it often.
-At a trauma conference a man tried to marry me off to his son because I am THAT attractive…or because I am a mzungu.


  1. I love that we have both been to africa, and that I know what mzungu means! All the little children say it, and it makes me so happy!

  2. In your marriage proposal did they ask what your dad wanted for you? I got proposed to while in uganda. He asked how many cows. I just said too many. And I loved the weather there. Dry season was fantastic. You should take at least one boda boda and matatu ride. Glad that you're liking it there!!


  3. The comment about the alarm... I can hardly believe it. You must be transforming daily. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

  4. "There is much poverty here…kind of. Because people have lived like this for their whole life it is all they know; it’s complicated."

    I can't wait to talk to you about this! So excited for your adventures. P.S. Breakfast, huh? I'm curious as to what kind of food you eat. Maybe you should put some pics up. :) Love you and miss you.