Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cast List

Tim & Angie Sliedecht [Avalien (Detroit), 4; Moses (Amacet), 3; Zulea (Amacet), 3 mo.] -Leaders of Team Beyond
-Have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, all three of their children.
-Tim is originally from Canada, Angie from Michigan
Josh & Mandy Sharda [Lydia, 6; Grace, 4; Lukka, 2]
-Long term missionaries.
-Both Josh and Mandy are from Michigan; Mandy and Angie are sisters.
-They just returned from the states, which they had to go to because Lukka had some very serious health problems.
Bobbie & Rachel
-On a one year vision trip…seriously considering long-term.
-Bobbie is from Michigan and Rachel is from Omaha (we appreciate each other because we are the only ones not from MI).
-Rachel is a teacher and Bobbie has a heart for street children.
-They have been married for 4 years
Becky & Jennifer
-Both on 2 year vision trips and roommates
-Becky is a social worker and wants to work with children affected by armed forces (CAAF)
-Jennifer is a nurse…so basically a doctor.
-Recently she has been focusing on children with disabilities
-Both from Michigan
Stephanie [Alibina (Amacet), 5; Julias (Amacet), 1]
-Stephanie is a nurse from Berlin, Germany
-She is here because she is fostering Julias
-Not part of ITEAMS, but rents the guesthouse (and therefore lives with me)
-Going to be a senior at Calvin in Grand Rapids, MI
-Second time here
-Going to be a math and science high school teacher

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