Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Should Explain...

...My title.
As at least some of you may know, I am a significant (p<.05) fan of Regina Spektor. "A Silver Bullet Trailer" comes from her song, "Folding Chair", and though I do thoroughly enjoy her little tune, there is more importance in my title than it being reminiscent of personal aspirations.
This spring I graduated from Northwestern...forever. I'm not confident that everyone adored college as much as I did, but perhaps a handful of you may identify with the feeling of loss that comes with leaving such a place of growth and love. But what better way to remove oneself from said devastation than to embark on a service trip to Africa for the summer?
I have to admit, I am feeling quite overwhelmed right now—more than I would ever admit to anyone in person. But I know that as I make the transitions from Iowa to Africa and then to California in the fall, I will be fine. Everything will be ok...and though at times I am less than thrilled and extremely unmotivated, I look forward to much learning and new discovery as I load up my trusty (and might I add quite stylish) silver bullet trailer and take in all that is around me.

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