Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost: A Substantial Amount of Hearing

Tonight my family went to my cousin Tori's 13th birthday party at Dars Pizza. While there another cousin, Zac, decided that he wanted to stay overnight at our house. Let me tell you some things about Zac: he's a "I'll be 12 in November", bangs over the eyes, too cool for school, crooked hat/under armor wearing boy who shares his ipod (with the volume up WAY too loud) with me to watch Avatar on the way home...and I love most everything about him. Tonight while Hannah and I were talking in my room he came in with a gift in the form of a ductape bilfold for Banana. After insisting that he was not at all tired, he decided to watch Sherlock Holmes with us...and promptly fell asleep. We couldn't resist capturing this precous moment on camera:)

As my date of departure draws closer, I am trying to take in every opportunity I have to spend time with those proximally close to me. Because my senses have been heightened, I have more deeply noticed the beauty that has been a consistent presence in my life. It's like...Avatar. I guess I would be Jake in this situation. Though it takes him awhile, he eventually opens himself up to learning and through that is able to see the majesty of Pandora.
So am I sad to be leaving this place for the summer? Of course. But I know that a sort of pizzazz can be found everywhere and within every person-- even in 11 year old boys.

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