Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This Just In

First off, wow-zahs, it has truly been a WHILE.

I suppose the questions everyone is anxiously waiting for me to answer is why now. No? Just me then? Well I suppose it is because I have a subject to write about--actually a few.

To start this off, I shall provide a general life update.
This Monday, May 12, I, along with my amazing staff of RAs, will close down Moore Hall. It is the ending of my second year as a hall director and I have a bit to share:
--Real life is harder than it may seem. I came into this position thinking I would rock it, no problem. While my skillz and abilities often do align with the requirements of the job, I have learned that motivation for the small (mostly paperwork-like) tasks is not readily available at all times. There are days I just want to leave campus with a book, apple, and coffee, and spend the day away from endless emails, text messages, and other flurries of day to day life.
--Working on a college campus is a gift. The environment of learning--both academically and socially--is one that constantly changes, and in turn forces me to adapt with my surroundings. Students push me to think differently, and also to flex my knowledge of how to relate and challenge them. Also, they make me laugh, shake my head, and smile. The best part is hearing their stories though, and being privileged enough to be trusted with the fears, heartbreaks, and joys.
--Working in and for a place that you believe in is one of my highest values, and always has been. This idea, in theory, is much easier than in actual practice. This relationship, the one between myself and the University, has been challenging. I do not always agree with the directions we are going, and have struggled to find a place between trusting the big picture and knowing what is being done is for the greater good and challenging the system to advocate for what I feel is right.
--Accepting that you are wrong, and still may be, is very, very important. I am quite stubborn (what you say?! it's true.), and I am not always the first person to admit I am wrong, especially when there is not direct evidence. But humility is growing, albeit slowly, and I appreciate the grace and forgiveness of not feeling pressure to be perfect; there is freedom in being forthright about flaws.

Most of you know I like to keep my personal life personal; I hold it fairly close. But my experiences, on the other hand, and the accompanied cognitive responses, I am more than willing to share. In fact I often feel a strong force and drive to explain and breakdown said responses; writing is how I process. Soon I will be in the midst of new life adventures, ones in which I am sure I will feel a necessity to take advantage of this blog.

"So tell us Brittany, what are these amazing journeys you are planning, and will be embarking on soon?!" Well readers, first you need to calm down and be patient. Only kidding, I'll tell you.

I am going to Europe this summer! My dear friend Davinah and I are leaving June 30, and will be returning July 25 or 26, or sometime thereabouts. We have not solidified our itinerary but have purchased the following tickets: Fairbanks to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Dublin, Dublin to Bologna, Rome to Athens, and in a few more hours from now will purchase, Athens to Frankfurt. Also Frankfurt to Fairbanks (no I'm not moving to Germany).

Though this all we are hoping to take in the culture, see the beauty of the people and the landscape, and eat some delicious food (wine and cheese, mostly). We have found a couple amazing B&B's online (garden in Ireland, sweet farmhouse in Rome) and made a few couch surfing connections. We have backpacks, and a mutual acceptance of showering little and experiencing much.

If you ask Davinah, she will tell you I have been overwhelmed by this process, but that is a gross under-exaggeration. I have been terrified. TERRIFIED I tell you. Spending mass amounts of money with a small scope of a plan is not my ideal vacation. But more than terrified I am excited. Giddy, really. Every time I go online to do more research I literally shake with the thrill (also I usually have a lot of coffee, but I vote we side with the excitement explanation).

I am so thankful that I am able to go on this journey, both literally and figuratively, with such an honest and hilarious travel partner, and one who has focused on the same goals that I hope to accomplish.

So here's to a few more blog posts, and more than a few more life experiences.