Monday, June 7, 2010

To Answer a Couple of Questions...

 A few weeks ago I was asked, “what is your favorite place in the world.” I chose Lake Hendricks. Here are a couple reasons why:

1) These 3 crazies (Banana, Rachel, & Coffee)

2) My family (as represented by my mother...yes Bullers, you are included in the family label).
Apart from the obvious draws of LH, this summer I will also miss...
-Hendricks Summerfest...for those of you who don't know what this is, just know it involves the 'World's Strongest Farmer', 'Hendricks Idol', 'Chicken Bingo'...and other such activities.
-Roadtrips & reunions
-Reading in parks and coffee shops
-Long bike rides
-Exploring in the kitchen
There are obviously more, but I don't want to exhaust my cognitive capacities before I leave...for Africa. Which brings me to what most of you have been waiting for: an Africa update.
Well, in approximately 21 hours I will be on a plane to Minneapolis...then on to Amsterdam (aka the motherland), which will lead me to Entebbe, Uganda. I will be picked up by the Sliedrechts and taken to Soroti where I will...well. I really don't know. I do know I will be staying with some people at some point and we will be responsible for our own meals. I am quite fine with being 'out of the loop,' as long as everyone else is ok with it.
So I will leave you with that. It's 6:00 pm on Monday night, and I am going to go to a movie, come home to clean my room, finish up some other stuff, and then start packing (in that order).
Next time you hear from me it will be from across the ocean. Then we will both have a better idea of what my summer entails.
Until then, God bless and thanks for the support and prayers!

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  1. Oh Brit! Have fun in Africa! I'll be thinking about you. Can I post a link to your blog on mine?