Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Worry Mom, I'm Ok.

On Monday (June 21) the Sliedrechts, Bobbie, Rachel, Jennifer, Becky, Lisa, Sarah, Stephanie, and I, went on a little vacations. Sarah and Lisa were leaving the next day, so we ended their time with us by going to Sipi and Sissi Falls. We left early in the morning and arrived in Mbale a little past 10. We started off by hiking one of Sipi’s Falls. It was gorgeous. The hike wasn’t too difficult, though quite slippery. We ended at Sipi Lodge and ate lunch.
At the beginning of the trip Tim and Angie asked if I was a vegetarian. I said no, though I admitted I don’t enjoy meat all that much. Because of this I have been classified as a vegetarian when we go out to eat—which is nice because the meat here is a bit sketch anyways.
From there we went to another waterfall—I think it was still part of Sipi falls. We were able to hike to behind this one. Again, the hike wasn’t too bad, but the clay was slimy.
Around 4 we left for Sisi Falls, where we would be camping for the night. When our stuff was settled in, a couple of us when to explore the falls; we were able to get close to the bottom, but really desired to go to the top…which seemed near impossible as it was the mountain was cliff-like.
For supper we had roasted pig (I ate it…it was awesome). After this we went up to our campsite, which was surrounded by beautiful vegetation, and talked around the campfire. After praying for Sarah and Lisa’s trip, we went to bed.
In the morning we got up for breakfast—which was great. It was here that I was told we could hike the mountain. The catch was this, it was a really difficult hike (remember the cliff) and some parts of it involved climbing up a vertical rock. If you know me, you know that I have always wanted to climb a mountain…but I also have little leg muscle in one of my legs. So the decision was mine.
I went (of course)…and I loved it. It was without a doubt a hard hike, but not by any means impossible. I used my arms a lot and held on to a lot of plants/rock walls, but it was completely worth it. When the five of us who decided to do it arrived at the top, we were not disappointed. From the top of the mountain we were able to see the whole valley, sit on the edge of the cliff (no rules in Uganda), and see our tiny camping site. On the way down we stopped by the edge of the waterfall, where I held onto Sarah’s pants as she leaned over to take pictures.
On the way home we stopped at an Indo-Chinese restaurant in Mbale…that was quite the ordeal but I will have to tell anyone who has inquiries about Ugandan restaurants about this special experience later.

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