Monday, May 9, 2011

Descaling, Owner's Manuals, and Dry Leaves

Today, or all weekend really, all I needed to do apart from a group meeting was write a measly 4 page reflection paper. For those of you who know me you may realize this is nothing and would probably take an hour, 2 tops. But for some reason I have come up with every possible way to avoid it. For example, instead of writing my paper I have:
-Cleaned up our mini patio by sweeping/bagging many leaves and making our patio furniture shine by dusting it, washing it with a plain rag, then soapy, then plain, then drying it...twice
-Cleaned other areas of the house
-Descaled the espresso machine
-Read the owners manual for my car instead of just the small section on checking levels
-Packed and organized stuff to bring home (in 2 weeks)
-Finished a book and read 3/4 of another
-Written this blog post
-Looked at other blogs
-Straightened my hair
-Went to a movie this afternoon
-Uploaded photos to facebook
I did other things of course...but I listed the abnormal ones only. As you may be able to see I am finding many many ways to procrastinate. Why the sudden lack of motivation? I blame it on timing. You see, at Northwestern right now finals are happening. My body is so used to shutting down at this time that I have been innocently and inadvertently affected by my past. So boo you's all your fault that I am failing at writing my paper that is due in the morning.
Clever eh how I am passing my faults and making obscure but potentially plausible connections? I thought so.

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  1. You can come pack for me! I leave this weekend! :)