Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The End is Near...errr, Tomorrow

Tomorrow I leave for home for about 3 weeks. Let me rephrase that. Tomorrow I leave for home for about 6 days. The rest of my time will be spent in Orange City to catch up with friends and refuel my heritage with the Tulip Festival, driving to Michigan with a few stops on the way to see dear friends and some of the people I spent time with in Uganda, and a wonderful wedding weekend where I will see one my darling "children" get married to her best friend. June 12 I will fly back to California and start my job for the summer at UCR (anyone watch undercover boss a few weeks ago?).
Last night and today have been full of work, packing, organizing, and farewells. I will miss the wonderfulness that was this year but I do look forward to the new beginnings that next year will bring. While I am sad about losing a few dear friends to their new jobs, I know that next year I will only grow closer with my already thickly knit cohort and new friendships that were formed this past year. Though the following pictures don't even begin to portray the depth of my year, I figured I owe everyone at least a small explanation of what I did this past year:)
I planned events, visited the beach, and had new experiences with my cohort.

People came to visit and I went to visit others:)

I took a couple wedding pictures and a lot of regular ones.

I sat in the armpit of a troll in Seattle and stood on the side of a stage in San Pedro.

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