Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today on an unexpected extension of a trip I was asked an interesting question, "what annoys you."
At first I couldn't think of much...but then my list was extended. Since I cannot seem to fall asleep, which immediately puts me in a bad mood, I'm going to share.
1) Whistling. This is little known, but the pitch usually hurts my ears. Interesting tidbit, I can handle Andrew Bird.
2) Tardiness. I think this is because I used to always be the "late" one, which in my family means 2 minutes after the extra 1/2 hour we have to arrive.
3) Waste. I think Uganda has something to do with this-- and my education.
4) Gossip/judgement.
5) Complaining. I have noticed that I have been a bit of a complainer recently. I hope to amend this now.
6) Illogical-ness. I have the unfortunate ability of valuing efficiency above all/most else. This does not fit well with patience...or group projects.
7) Joking about abuse/violence.
8) Being put in a box (i.e. the 'late one'. or the 'messy one'.)
9) People backing out on their word/being inconsistent. If I was ever to hold a would be for this.
10) Ignorance.
11) Being dismissed.
12) A lack of common courtesy.
Following this question was an interesting statement made by the other party: "I find that the things that most annoy me are the things I struggle with." Too true Roberta*, too true.
Looking at the list I have a few follow up remarks.
1) I'm a really good whistler.
2) I'm really not late...just uncommonly early (just ask 3N:)
3) Sometimes I leave notebooks half empty.
4) I criticize everyone in my head.
5) When my life is crazy, I want everyone to know how great I am at getting things done.
6) I am often unreceptive to new ideas.
7) I know too much to joke.
8) I categorize my friends.
9) Like I said, this is one of the I try my best to stay consistent.
10) I feel ignorant when it comes to most things.
11) I dismiss people SO easily.
12) In general I try to be nice.
With the exception of 7, 9, and 12, I struggle with the very same things that annoy me about others. Perhaps this comparison speaks to the idea that you take out on others what you dislike about yourself. Perhaps not.
Well. Now that you all know just a little bit too much about me, I am going to go to bed:)

*Name changed to protect the innocent.

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