Monday, September 13, 2010

Along the Way

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. That's not to say I don't normally think...but I think my synapses have been firing extra hard because of the amount of alone time I've been having.
So I ponder stuff...
I wonder if I'll ever see the wonderful people I met in Uganda again. I hope so...I miss them a lot. I find it strange that I have such a strong connection to them and my heart aches to see them again-- soon.
I wonder if I'll find friends here who know me like the ones I left this past May. Friends who I feel so comfortable around. Friends who have been so encouraging to me even while I'm far away.
I wonder if the reading for my classes will ever end.'s intense. Oh well, that's grad school.
I wonder how many people in the world are shallow. My heart has been broken over and over again by stories of harsh words and a critical tongue. Can't men think women are beautiful just being them (and vice versa)? I have my doubts.
I wonder if I'll ever get sick of coffee. Oh dear. I hope not.
I wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to write with pure and unabashed honesty.
I wonder if the words I speak to others are heard, or if when they seem like they aren't listening they really aren't...listening.
I wonder how much more I can write before I become too embarrassed to share my thoughts with my 'blog audience'.
Mmk. I think I've hit that point.

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