Saturday, March 30, 2013

Smatterings of My Current State

Holy guacamole it has been a WHILE.

I'm here today to give you some quick updates and thoughts. As of this moment I do not have any intention of writing deep wonderings, just a few notes on my life.

1. You guessed it. I still love it here in Fairbanks. No complaints. My only worry is I won't be able to adjust to any other location after being here. "Why" you say? Over Christmas I walked into a shopping mall and felt stifled. So that was new.

2. My position as a Resident Director at the University is wonderful. I really enjoy the philosophy and feel of the department, and look forward to another year (at least). I am consistently challenged and fulfilled. And I am learning a ton about myself and others.

3. I am going to stay in Alaska for the summer. I am nervous about this decision because for a few reasons: 1. I am on a 10 month contract and while I can work more than that, I have chosen not to do so...and, 2. I have made fantastic friends here and many acquaintances-- but for someone who is not working and appreciates a packed schedule the vast expanse of eight weeks will be interesting to navigate.  But I am also filled with positive anticipation. I will be able to bike and hike and read and write and explore to my heart's content. I have always wanted to spend a summer investing in the things I don't have time for normally, and instead of filling my time with work this summer and distracting myself from myself, I want to wholeheartedly explore and experience life. Additionally, I expect a few visitors and am excited to have them live life with me in Fairbanks, if only for a few weeks.

4. Per usual, I have been doing a lot of thinking about life in general, and the purpose of humanity. This topic has always haunted, depressed, and baffled me. I hope to delve into these thoughts via books and conversations.

5. I have become quite fond of skiing. Like really really fond. On a recent escapade to Seattle I found and purchased my very own downhill skis. Last night I learned how to wax them. You may be curious about how that went so here are a few highlights: first ski, while releasing the bindings I trapped my two fingers between the metal; second ski, was apparently too tired or daft to get most of the wax off and required assistance. Nonetheless, I appreciated the opportunity to take ownership in that part of skiing.

6. It is light until 8-ish now in Fairbanks. I love opening all of my windows and enjoying the simplicity of being near the bright blue skies.

With that positive note I will bid you adieu. 

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  1. Thanks for the update! Love, Mom and DAD