Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking Time to Pause

This morning has been filled with writing...lots and lots of writing.
Ok that's an exaggeration.
I have indeed been writing since 9:30 this morning, but it has not yielded a plethora of results. No bountiful word harvest here.
I'm just writing judicial letters. Five today.
Why? Because I procrastinate and today is the deadline so here I am, working on "I don't work on Friday" Friday.
But I'm ok with that. This week I have sacrificed my office writing time for chats with my marvelous staff and hilarious students.
So this morning I woke up, put on a sweatshirt and my computer glasses, and tromped the 50 feet from my front door to my office, tuned into my classical piano pandora station, sat down, and began my task.
I'm sure it is no surprise I was thwarted by numerous distractions: e-mails, my candy bowl, an acute lack of coffee but eyes too tired for the public to see, and blogs.
Blogs are the worst. And by the worst I of course mean THE BEST. They are marvelous distractions of beauty and practicality.
I decided I should do a reward system: 1 page per completed letter. Ha. Before I began I knew that would never work. But just to say I gave it my best I attempted this nearly impossible feat.
And then it hit me.
When I read blogs, or other similar forms of art, my eyes take it in too quickly. I don't take the time to truly appreciate how much time and effort went into the creation of this outlet. [If you haven't made the connection, when I put  myself in a situation where I could only read one full page at a time, I slowed down.]
I'm only a little angry, and mostly thankful that I realized this. Thankful because now I am more and aware and can take the time to appreciate my internet musings and wonderings. I have spent a fair amount of time curating a list of wonderful blogs and I fear they have been misused and under appreciated.
I want to learn. Constantly. So why am I scanning and not pondering?
I think that's a life lesson right there. I even feel like (and this might be a stretch) it's a Carrie statement.
Maybe I should move to New York and start a column.
Or perhaps I should blog more than once every few months, and include more content than just angry rants.

Life updates:
-Alaska is great. Cold, but great.
-I'm constantly surprised by the disequilibrium and dissonance that sneaks up on my calm facade
-I am on a mission to read all the Twilight books before next Friday. One down, three to go.

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